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Dr. Laura Matin, DDS

Commonly Asked Questions About White Fillings

What are metal-free fillings?

They're fillings made of dental bonding, and also called white fillings, or composite fillings. They're an alternative to the traditional gray metal fillings. Being white, they can be made to match your natural tooth shade. Mercury is one of the elements in metal amalgam fillings, and is regarded by many as a source of harm and ill-health throughout the body. If you have metal fillings, you can get them replaced with white fillings.

What are the advantages of white fillings?

•  Metal-free white fillings match the color of your natural teeth and are hardly noticeable.
•  They contain no mercury, which some studies have shown to be a health risk. However, no firm conclusions have been made about any harm that mercury in tooth fillings might cause, and research is ongoing.
•  White fillings strengthen the tooth because they're bonded to it, becoming a part of it, rather than being tightly packed into the cavity.
•  Metal-free white fillings do not conduct heat and cold as easily as metal fillings so that means less tooth sensitivity for you.
•  Metal-free white fillings harden very quickly and that means less time in the dentist's chair!

Am I a good candidate for white fillings?

Yes. If you need a filling, you can choose to have a metal-free one, although not all dentists offer this choice. If the decay in your tooth is extensive, you might need a crown , in which case you wouldn't be a candidate for any sort of filling, metal or white.

Dr. Matin has 27 years experience in white fillings. Contact her today for to schedule your initial consultation.
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