Commonly Asked Questions About Instant Orthodontics
What is Instant Orthodontics?

Instant Orthodontics is a procedure using porcelain veneers to cover minor defects. It can produce an even, straight and beautiful bright smile. It can be an alternative to traditional braces or Invisalign treatments, and can be completed in weeks rather then years.

What are composite veneers?

Veneers are thin shells of dental ceramic that are permanently bonded to the front surface of the teeth. They can be applied to both top and bottom teeth, but are not usually used on back teeth.

When shaped, placed and bonded correctly, veneers look natural and are very durable. Laura Matin will choose the right shade of porcelain to match your surrounding teeth.

Am I a candidate for Instant Orthodontics?

Yes, possibly, if your teeth:

• Are uneven lengths
• Are slightly crooked
• Have small gaps between them
• Are a little crowded

If those defects are too severe for instant orthodontics, Invisalign might be a good option, or alternatively, clear braces.

You'd need to have a well-aligned bite, and Dr. Matin can make this assessment during your initial consultation. If your bite is not properly aligned, she'll suggest other treatments to correct that before composite veneers are done.

If you had traditional braces in the past and are still not satisfied with your smile you can have Instant Orthodontics.

What about complications?

Complications from dental procedures are rare. Occasionally bacterial infections can occur, but can be treated with antibiotics.

What can I expect from instant orthodontics?

You can expect to have a beautiful smile with straight and even teeth – a beautiful and natural looking smile. Remember, though, that it is important for an experienced and qualified cosmetic dentist to perform your procedures.

LVI graduate Dr. Matin has ten years of experience with Instant Orthodontics. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and seeking a cosmetic dentist, contact her today for your initial consultation about composite veneers and instant orthodontics.

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