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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

What is a tooth crown?

A tooth crown is a cap used to cover a tooth that has a healthy root but is no longer structurally sound. There may be too much decay present, or a severe crack in the surface. Crowns completely cover the visible area of a tooth, creating a brand new outer surface.

Of the three kinds of tooth crowns, which is the best?

That depends on your particular circumstances, and where the crown is to be placed. If it's to be in a front tooth visible when you smile, porcelain would be best, because it will be color-matched to your other teeth. No chewing surface is needed on a front tooth, so porcelain is strong enough.

If the crown is to be on a back tooth, and cost is a consideration, gold would be good, because it's very strong and long-lasting, and costs less than the other types.

If the crown is to be on a back tooth you and Dr. Matin can discuss whether porcelain fused to metal would be good, as it's very strong and makes a good chewing surface.

Why are root canals sometimes done with tooth crowns?

If the tooth is so decayed that even its interior, the pulp, is damaged, that means the root is damaged. The root is that part of the tooth below the gumline and in the bone. If decay has entered the interior of the tooth, then the tooth's nerve has been damaged and may even have died. The nerve and blood vessels enter the tooth from its tip in the jawbone, and run up inside the root canal to the pulp cavity. When this whole area is infected and swollen from decay or an injury, it must all be cleaned out and filled with a root canal filling material, to seal out bacteria.

After this is done, the tooth crown can be placed over the visible part of the tooth and will now have a strong foundation.

How much do tooth crowns cost?

The average crown costs under $1000. Insurance will typically cover some, but not all, of the cost of a crown. Be sure to talk to us about the payment and financing options available to you.

Dr. Matin graduated from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and is highly qualified with all types of tooth crowns. For your initial consultation, contact her today!

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